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Our customers in this market are Embedded System Players and ASIC developers. Typical design implementations are Glue logic and Digital IP's. Functional verification is another area of application. Our solutions are either implemented in CPLD's or FPGA's or ASIC's. Typically, our customers request the best cost effective solutions
The following table gives the list of solutions that we have implemented. The solutions were either in CPLD's or FPGA's or ASIC's

SI.No Title of IP/Glue Logic – Either FPGA or CPLD or ASIC Implemented Description
1 Reed-Solomon Decoder Introduction in FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithms – VHDL design and verification of Key-Equation solver block with different algorithms (Berlekamp-Massey and Euclidean Algorithm) using composite Galois Fields GF((2r)s) - Coding of C/C++ models for verification and debugging - Timing optimization and synthesis for XILINX FPGA
2 Design of MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) link The MHL is a new mobile audio/video interface standard for directly connecting mobile phones to high-definition televisions (HDTVs). The MHL features a single-cable with a low pin-count interface able to support up to 1080p high-definition (HD) video and digital audio while simultaneously charging the connected device. The design specification for the Digital part of MHL developed
3 Design / Verification of digital part of custom ASIC (Mixed Signal Ultra Low Power CPU) for Mobile phones Development and Verification of digital periphery blocks
4 Requirement specification setup for next generation automotive power–train applications Writing requirement specification for new module IP s (µs Bus and MPI-Multi Processor Interface)- Writing FTS-Functional Target Specification for µs Bus and MPI interface using Framemaker-Investigation of use cases for each requirement for automotive purpose
5 Test environment / test cases for UNIPRO UNIPRO is a high-speed interface technology for interconnecting integrated circuits in mobile phones or comparable products. Layer 2, (Data Link), functionality is single-hop reliability and priority based arbitration. Test Environment and Test cases for Layer 2 was developed and implemented
6 PUB (Parallel to USB Interface) This is a Board Level Solution, dedicated to interface parallel Printer Port and USB (1.1) device/computer. A microcontroller was used to interface the PPC (parallel port controller) and USB Host controller (Cypress)
7 Design of monitor circuit for a spectral photometer A board developed for sensor electronics which receives analog signal from Photodiode, the microcontroller processes this signal and sends it into LabView program running in PC
8 MOST Data Link Layer Coding of three blocks for MOST Data Link Layer in SystemC – SystemC coding for debugging and verification environment, verification
9 Printer head data controller for Dot matrix printer A CPLD was implemented for controlling 9 Wire Printer Head Data and CR Motor. By placing this CPLD in the existing MLC board, overall performance and speed of printer was increased
10 Digital Dash Board The purpose of this Digital Dashboard is to display Analog parameters like Speed, Distance travelled, Fuel level and also Real time clock indicators by using Static and Dynamic LCDs
11 Microcontroller with MIPS R3000 Core for Automotive purposes ADC Controller functional and design specification setup - ADC Controller RTL designing in Verilog -ADC FSM (Finite State Machine) and ADC Top Level designing with Mentor Graphics HDL Designer - Scripts setup, constraining and synthesis of ADC Controller, UART, SPI and CAN modules - Script setup and constraining for functional and SCAN mode of operation for STA (Primetime)