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At Baegan we Design, Develop and mass Produce ASIC's (Chips) targeting markets of Power, Industrial, Automobile and Communication. Typical customers are Embedded System Developers and full system, discrete type, PCB solution providers. We design chips for the Indian Market as of now. Our customers are mostly Indian's – But things could change in the near future

Depending on Design, the chips designed by us are classified into Analog, Digital or Mixed–Signal Chips. Depending on the complexity, the chips are completely designed and produced by Baegan or developed with our partners

If you have a Chip Design in mind and you are new to the Chip Industry, we advise you to get familiar with the Design and Production cycle.

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Production and Packaging is done in Germany and Taiwan. Depending upon your system requirements, any type of packaging is possible. Designs with MCM (Multi–Chip Modules) have been designed.
In terms of volume, 10k chips to even 10 Million are possible. Obviously, greater the volume, the lesser is the price/chip. Only Silicon Data, only MPW runs, only Wafers and Packaged Chips are possible as outputs – depending upon your requirements


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